World Wide Panorama: Marketplace
VR Photography by Landis Bennett

For the World Wide Panorama Marketplace, I chose the Sonoma County Landfill just north of Petaluma, Calfornia.

On this page I've added links to the other panoramas that I took that day. For a narrative about why I chose the Landfill to represent my Marketplace submission along with more information about my day at the Landfill, see my page on the WWP.

As you can tell it was an overcast day which didn't make for the most striking photography, but it was definitely an interesting subject. Make sure you have the free QuickTime plugin installed on your computer and click the normal or fullscreen links to interact with the VR Panorama.

This is the panorama that is on the WWP. It is the Tipping Apron where refuse is dumped from the garbage trucks into the landfill.

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Overlooking the Tipping Building and the CoGeneration Plant. The CoGen plant (right of opening view) is where methane extracted from the landfill is converted into electricity. The active landfill is visible in the distance.

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Overlooking the active portion of the landfill from near the top of the 'Old Pile'. This mountain used to be a valley! In the foreground (to the right of the opening view) is a methane pump that extracts methane gas from the dacaying garbage.

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Overlooking the composting area. Here the yard waste is composted and slowly moved from left to right down the line. The right-most pile of compost is ready to be sold as commercial compost.

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The Tipping building is where county residents unload their refuse. The tractors push the garbage through a hole (to the left of the opening view) where it is transferred to the larger trucks to be taken to the landfill.

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